What is Dephion?

Dephion is the health and wellbeing group. The rise of technology in the modern world has opened the doors for myriad possibilities. Its reach has expanded so widely that no matter where we are, we are connected. But what if this sometimes overwhelming cosmos of information at our fingertips could be used for more than entertainment? What if we could use technology to inspire meaningful and permanent changes in a person’s lifestyle? What if we used our skills to develop a new brand capable of providing highly personalized guidance to our users? And so, Dephion was born from a powerful vision, from plans, and from the certainty that we could do better. Our dream and future: to revolutionize the world of health and wellbeing globally through high-quality, personalized software solutions. Our approach is unique in its complexity and intent. We build applications using cutting-edge technology. We stay informed on the most up-to-date scientific research to educate our users. We use stories to inspire positive changes in mental and physical health. Our projects are our biggest pride and the best way to show you exactly what it is we do.

Dephion employees

Who are we?

We are a group of people who often spend too much time doing what we love. Some call us nerds, but we prefer terms such as “cool,” “awesome,” and “genius.” At the core of Dephion is a collective of thinkers, developers, artists, and scientists we call The Factory. This group is deeply dedicated to the craft and to our mission, and they enable us to push the boundaries of traditional health solutions through science and exploration, innovation, and craftsmanship.

The Office consists of all the administrative heroes that keep the fire going and the engine running. It is The Factory’s support system – the far-reaching roots that provide us with the strength and nourishment to keep going. Without The Office, chaos would ensue.

Our head office The Cubic

Where are we?

Our head office in the Netherlands, The Cubic, is located in Geleen – a nature-rich area in South Limburg, close to Maastricht, and right in the heart of Europe.