Dephion is the Health & Wellbeing Group

We traverse and transcend the boundaries of what is possible through our work. We craft elegant digital solutions to advance mental and physical wellbeing. We do it with methodologies that are scalable, global, and always completely personal.


With unrivalled passion and attention to the smallest detail, Dephion artisans harness their diverse and award-winning talents to overcome hurdles inherent to wellness in the digital age. Our technical and creative mastery is the not-so-secret sauce.


The spirit of exploration is infused into Dephion at every level. We strive to venture beyond the fringes and plant our flag in the soil of exciting new realms. Facing the unknown helps us to grow, improve, and blaze a trail towards a better world. Together.


Through a unique fusion of daring, dedication, and desire to redefine what is possible in the space, Dephion forges powerful wellness solutions. We aim to enhance a user’s personal experience — physically and mentally —so they can THRIVE on all levels.

The Factory

The Factory is the beating heart of Dephion. The blood and guts nourishing our purpose. The vehicle for our collective mind, heart, and creative spirit.







Dephion – the home of courageous exploration

Intrigued? Keen to contribute? Got the skills and vision to make a lasting impact on the future of personal and corporate health? Dephion – The Health and Wellbeing Group.