A Man on a Mission

When all you want to do is help others, and you know you’ve got the tools to do it, what’s going to stop you? Absolutely nothing, that’s what.

John Boyer has always seen our potential as human beings to stay healthy by doing all those little things that everyone tells us (and we know) are good for us. And, while we all realize that’s easier said than done, he has made it his life’s work to find ways to help others heal and improve their lives.

“I was born and raised in the United States, backed with Czech heritage. With a passion for the healing powers of the human body, partially related to my own athletic setbacks and experiences, I decided to become a physical therapist by trade.”

But in addition to being a trained physical therapist, John explored the other side. The side of those who very often end up needing physical therapy themselves: athletes. “ I was also simultaneously able to live out my childhood dream by playing basketball in college and, afterward, professionally throughout Europe.”

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“These unique experiences, combined with varying professional roles within the healthcare IT and health tech space over the years, kept my passion for helping others alive. The opportunity to contribute to the content production within Dephion matches my passion for combining technology with the ability to help others through healthy lifestyle promotion.”

John’s words and experience resonate strongly with a lot of us: A passion for helping others? Check, IT and health tech background? Check, an athletic background? Okay, maybe not that one so much.

Even better, our new colleague practices what he preaches—what Habtic preaches. “I generally try to stay physically and mentally active when I’m not at The Cubic, which means enjoying the outdoors, reading, or being involved in sports and fitness. Usually, these activities happen with my twin boys, which means that I spend the rest of the free time I have to myself trying to recover from the after-effects!”

Boys? Twins? Yeah, enough said, John.

And now he’s with us at Dephion. John’s future lies ahead as Director of Strategic Content. “I hope to contribute to that mission, as well as to serve and support the very talented members of the content team, enabling us to reach our full potential with much passion and fulfillment.”

Equally important to John's experience and background is his innate passion for being involved in a project that betters people’s lifestyles and his unbreakable faith in what Dephion stands for. We couldn’t be luckier to have him!

Welcome to the team, John!

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