Are You Still Booking Meeting Rooms the Old Way?

After their majestic work organizing food orders through The Cubic Services, most commonly known as fluXum, the Back-end team has implemented a new tool to reserve meeting rooms.

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Did you see it? It's the blue button!

Selecting +New meeting, opens up a world of infinite possibilities… well, actually, very specific possibilities.

First, choose your date, time, and duration. To pick a date that is far into the future, go ahead and select the “Custom” button. And if you expect the meeting to run longer than an hour, “Other” will let you request up to four hours.

Next, choose your guests by name and whether you’ll require a TV or whiteboard. Pretty neat, right?

While you get to set your preferred start time, rooms are subject to availability. You’ll find out exactly when a room is free in step 6—when you choose the room. Finally, let your guests know what this is for because they’ll be getting an email once you’re finished.

Voilà! You’ve done it!

Now, if there is an earthquake, childbirth, or some other catastrophe deemed reason enough to cancel your room, just click on the “X” on the top right of your meeting confirmation on the Meeting overview tab.

Of course, you can still walk up to the room at the last moment and try to do it that way as they did back in the day, but why would you want to?

Finally, just follow The Cubic’s house rules for room booking and we’ll all be happier for it.

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