Fearless Badass Special Recruitment Agent

Finding the right match for a job vacancy is a little like finding a soulmate: sometimes it feels like love at first sight, and sometimes hopelessness threatens us with the possibility that no one out there can possibly meet our expectations. Should we lower our standards? Not a chance. Because that’s just when we met someone like Celine.

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Maastricht native, and new talent acquisition special agent Celine, started out studying Hotel Management and working in the hotel and restaurant industry. “I always had a passion for gastronomy and hospitality and my dream was to have my own restaurant.” While Celine Good Food (just an idea…) doesn’t exist yet, our new special agent “learned that hospitality is applicable in every industry, because it's all about creating a memorable experience.”

After graduation, Celine stepped out of her comfort zone and found herself learning how to become a recruiter for four years at a large recruitment agency in Amsterdam.

“After these four years, I realized two things: First, helping people find the right job—making the right match is what I love most; and second, I really missed Maastricht (after all, it's in my roots). So along with my boyfriend, we decided to move back to Maastricht and I found my dream job: working as a corporate recruiter for a large medical devices organization.

“Health has always been another passion of mine because it's an industry that matters, that helps people get and feel well. In recruitment you can, indirectly, have a positive effect on people's lives and wellbeing. The combination of health and recruitment is the perfect combo for me. That's also what I like about Dephion”

Thanks for adding that bit at the end, Celine. We got just a bit jealous when we heard “dream job” and it wasn’t about us.

Still, Celine’s passion for cooking was never a passing hobby, “Put me in a kitchen for a whole day, or even two, and I'm in my happy place. I love to try different recipes, I love to invite people over for dinner, and take care of everything.”

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And if cooking is about mixing the right ingredients and letting them add flavor to each other in the ideal environment, it’s not so different from recruiting, is it?

After days filled reviewing and matching applicants to the right job, Celine can go to her brand new home feeling happy and satisfied, walk her dog and her boyfriend (because boyfriends need to be walked too), and occasionally have a fun night in or out with friends. But don’t let her homey side fool you, she’s also kind of a badass. “I like is to redecorate my house, go to fleamarkets and find nice stuff (it can be a sport too). And I like to do some sports, like boxing or HIT (High-Intensity Training). And I always look forward to our annual ski trip.”

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No wonder she’s completely fearless when it comes to meeting strangers… and not just for the purpose of hiring them. “When I went on my internship to Aruba, I really needed a place to live. I went on Facebook and searched for a place to stay. So I came in contact with two other girls and we decided to live together. Up until their arrival, I’d never met them and we shared a one-bedroom apartment together. It was so strange, but we became like sisters and because of them, my seven-month stay was the best!”

Now that this fearless badass special recruitment agent has her own home, she can focus on the future, perhaps taking a course on communications and coaching, traveling, growing at Dephion, and definitely nourishing the happiness that Pieter, her boyfriend, and Karel, her dog, bring her. And, who knows? Maybe she’ll have another tiny someone to join her walk after work in a few years.

Let us hope that thanks to Celine we can continue finding ideal matches for Dephion in the near future. After all, we have many lonely open vacancies just waiting for a little love.

Welcome to Dephion, Celine.

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