What’s Next for the Cubic?

One does not simply walk into The Cubic. Its entrance is guarded by more than just automatic doors. There is genius there that does not sleep. The great Cube is ever watchful.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re really proud of our headquarters. So much new tech goes into upgrading The Cubic that in a couple of decades it may just sprout its own pair of legs and arms and go for a walk just to stretch out.

The Cubic’s original structure was built in 1988. Back then, Apple stock cost $0.10 a piece and Stephen Hawking was publishing A Brief History of Time. And yet, this beautiful 35-year-old building is not old; it is merely ready to start adding some age-defying elements to its self-care routine.

At the end of March 2022, work began. If you were here back then, you remember Guido, our Facilities manager, talking about it.

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After the… impregnation (and yes, sorry, we’re just not that mature), Guido oversaw repairs to the roof and kit seams around the windows, upgrades to the control systems of the lifts, and the much overdue replacement of the glass in the windows—which again, wasn’t old just because it was 35 years old, but it could be upgraded to a younger, prettier, more insulating model. It’s all about saving on those energy costs.

And while we know you’re already on the edge of your seat, there is more.

On the outside, we watched those new wooden-looking facade panels give The Cubic something like a facelift. The old-fashioned door you were supposed to open with the strength of your own triceps like some kind of Neanderthal was replaced with automatic sliding doors. We also got a new entrance connecting The Meeting Point to the picnic benches outside.

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Must still open this door like Neanderthals.

Even more exciting: charging stations for electric vehicles. Now we’re living in the 21st century!

“We’ve been seeing more and more electric cars and want to give employees and guests the opportunity to charge their cars on-site. The infrastructure is already prepared for possible expansion,” Guido explains.

What’s next?

Guido says, “Our own Facilities Department has also done great work:

“A large part of the window frames have received a new coat of paint. The rest will follow next year. Some of the solar shades on the outside of the building have been updated and given new fabrics. Compliments to Stephen and Luc!”

In the coming years (yes, that’s years with an “s”), the Facilities team plans to replace the facade’s kit, maintain and replace the shades above the main entrance, continue switching to LED lighting throughout the building, and renovating the ground floor meeting rooms and The Meeting Point.

Are you already wondering what that may look like too? At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised if the upgrades include flooring that lights up with our every step.

Above all, the goal is to make The Cubic as sustainable as possible, not only in terms of heating but waste disposal. “The idea is to set up a number of collection stations per floor and get rid of all the small bins (near the desks). Also, we will separate more kinds of waste. Now we have paper, confidential paper, deposit bottles, and residual waste. In the future, we will add PMD (Plastic packaging, Metal packaging, Drinks cartons) and organic waste. Perhaps we will even separate paper towels.”

And that’s something worth looking forward to—even more than walking on a light-up rainbow to get lunch.

At 35, our beautiful HQ is looking better than ever (and not a day over 34). So, do not simply walk into The Cubic, immerse yourself in all its glory.



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