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While we’re all one big happy family (not you, Brad Bradford), we still group up into highly specialized (and internal management-approved) niches. Also known as verticals, we are proud to present Art, TALOS, Code, Content, Data, and DevOps.

Art generates attractive aesthetics, stunning audiovisuals, and anything else that requires a good eye for design.

TALOS has fathered and mothered our coaching system.

Code creates the backbone and… the face of every single one of our digital products.

Content reveals through potent narratives the power and wisdom of science.

Data and AI collect information and grant knowledge in return.

DevOps engineers the best way to keep us from tripping all over ourselves and ruining all of our hard work.

Cubic Maps

Cubic Maps

Some adventures begin with a map. So, before you go searching for the treasures within The Cubic, find the most important markers:

The ground floor – you came in this way, contains the Meeting Point and the cafeteria. The first floor is Dephion territory and where you’ll be spending most of your time. Keep going to the second floor to interact with some of Dephion’s relatives or to reach the third floor, where the administrative offices are located.

Besides a map, you’ll need a key. So never forget your access badge if you wish to go through doors or get lunch.

New in the Netherlands

New in the Netherlands

For some of you, this might be a new beginning in a new world. While you can always ask any of your colleagues for tips and advice, we have also gathered as much useful information as we can to help you get all settled down.

As always, there are some non-negotiable items, such as registering locally with the government, filling out taxes, getting a bank account, insurance… all that fun stuff. But we can also give you some ideas about where you can find a place nearby, and how to start socializing.