Instead of pieces of machinery, this Factory is full of individuals. Individuals who are energized by the genuine curiosity and focus that only the very stubborn can turn into success. Following a truly agile methodology, we encourage independent thinking and constant collaboration. Iteration fosters continuous improvement. That means our work is never done. We’re always growing, learning, and innovating. Always. In order to create something different, something unique, something that makes a difference, we had to bring together experts from many different disciplines to do what they do best.


The Art team brings beauty to every single visual we present to the world. From user interfaces and websites to visually striking games and interactive narratives – and everything in between.


The TALOS team is composed of the superstars that take photogrammetry scans and turn them into our impressive life-like digital avatars.


The Code team writes the magic programming spells that give functionality to our apps and websites.


The Content team consumes scientifically based knowledge and returns engaging, interactive stories; dialogues; animations, and much more – all designed to create positive life changes.


The Data team builds complex AI-powered decision engines that lead the charge in understanding the best path in a journey to betterment.


The DevOps team has the architects of deployment, the champions of IT support, the sage judges of quality assurance, and the meticulous localization experts that bring it all together.

No, not pieces of machinery at all

Machine parts don’t feel the thrill or the rush from hitting the mark. From watching their efforts turn into results. Machine parts don’t evolve. The Factory is so much more. Every brainstorm is a beat. Every plan put into action is a beat. Every dream that materializes is a beat. The Factory is the heart of Dephion, reverberating with growing energy and passion as each individual adds the best parts of themselves into every project.

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