Welcome to The Factory

Razor sharp minds and creative souls converge on these real-world coordinates to make digital magic happen. The Factory @ Dephion is where all of our super-powered teams and departments assemble — that’s right, Voltron-style —to explore, develop, share and express their unique passions and expertise on otherworldly levels. From the raw shapes and colours and building blocks of our enterprise, to scripting symphonies of code and branching dialogue, to crafting performance and life-enriching applications that will truly change the game... The Factory is the beating heart of Dephion – the blood and guts that nourishes our purpose. The vehicle for our collective mind, heart, and creative spirit.

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Dephion’s art direction reaches deep into the DNA of our full range of products, from user interface and icon design to stunning interactive narratives. We view the marriage of function AND form as a sacred one, with Beauty as its own form of wisdom and wellness.

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Our avatar-based coaching system is more than just ‘character’ — TALOS is also an expanding and evolving personality engine that brings each of Habtic’s coaches to vibrant digital life. Our goal is nothing short of forging real connections through convincingly human responses.

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Dephion’s programmatic philosophy is an evolving frontier of inventive solutions built to pierce all obstacles, and achieve digital feats not yet attempted by mortal men. We forge experiences and solutions that most have yet to consider possible.

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Our prime engagement directive is to craft original and engaging interactive content, presented in sessions grounded by real science, designed to please consumers and academics alike. It’s the future of personal wellness and behavioural improvement.

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From complex decision engines in serverless back-ends to sophisticated models of human wellbeing, we have created a space where data points transcend spreadsheets to become the guiding constellations on a game-changing journey towards wellness.

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Groundbreaking tech that tears through the veil of ‘what is possible’ needs a place to LIVE. Our DevOps engineers are the mad architects of deployment, the sage judges of quality assurance, and the steely-eyed localization assassins that bring it all together.

Dephion – the home of courageous exploration

Intrigued? Keen to contribute? Got the skills and vision to make a lasting impact on the future of personal and corporate health? Dephion – The Health and Wellbeing Group.