Corporate wellness is the topic of the day in every boardroom. It has long been on the minds of leaders who look ahead. It’s a growing field filled with workshops and hampered by lack of best practices and accountable metrics. To engage in the healthy lifestyles of your people can be a confusing, frustrating path. With Habtic, it no longer has to be.

Product – Habtic

It is impossible to talk about Dephion without mentioning Habtic. Before Dephion was introduced to society, we were all just “the Habtic team”. As our flagship project and nascent dream, Habtic was, predictably, insane. Imagine a health application that actually fosters healthy lifestyles, instead of doling out virtual high-fives for taking 1.23 steps more than you did last week. Or a truly intelligent system that learns from and grows with its users on a personal level, instead of trying to march them down a pre-packaged path. Habtic is all of that, and more. It's daily engagement with coaches on a personal level. It's a clockwork ballet of interlocking services. It's an evolving high-tech ecosystem devoted to healthy lifestyles. Yeah...Habtic is complicated, too. You can read the commercial blurb right here:

The Universe in one app

Apps should be focused, fail fast, and build upon existing tech to engage and win over users. This is proven, solid, and uncontested wisdom in the world of software development. With Habtic...well, we threw wisdom out the window. Our message, and our goal, is a human one. Which means Habtic is vast.  It contains literally hundreds of content modules. Yet each user will only experience a fraction of them, tailored specifically to their individual needs. This presented near-impossible challenges to everything from animation to dialogue to video scripts imbued with code never destined for the main stage. Habtic’s content system is lean, mean, and powerful, designed to deliver everything in real time in a front-end independent pipeline. We can stream in binaries and code, and literally shape content around the users.

Build it... and They Will Develop

When we embarked on the quest for key components to forge into Habtic, we were in for a rude awakening: There isn’t an interactive video player solution that’s not tied to a specific multimedia package. Or a flexible, data-driven avatar in the wild not made to sell you other stuff. Or an AI solution built without ML fetishism in mind, but with traditional logic systems we required in order to deliver. In order to make Habtic a reality, we had to chart a course long-term and create potent and flexible components ourselves...designed sanely when possible: Our interactive video player delivers a single data package for every one of our players, from native to HTML.

Our AI decision engine is leaner than any solution on the market because it’s built to perform for us only. Our Content architecture  comes with a drag-and-drop no-code editor, so a team of passionate researchers and writers can easily design complex interactive conversations with our coaches. It’s all Habtic, and it all goes into crafting a game-changing interactive experience that will redefine what the world expects from "health apps", and set people on the path to leading better lives.

And this is not even Habtic’s final form.

We are currently three major revisions in...and have at least three more plotted. Habtic needs pioneers. Craftsmen. Dreams. To grow. To reach its true potential. Find out how to join Dephion and become a part of the Habtic revolution.