Previous Projects

The Habtic Standard

The Habtic Standard was a digital publication dedicated to becoming the singular, leading voice in the jungle of corporate wellness. It was comprised of monthly issues focused on meaningful topics, and it delivered articles crafted to uncompromising quality. The authors and experts had no affiliation other than the pursuit of the best practices to foster healthy lifestyles for corporate citizens all over the world.

The Standard

Over the course of Habtic’s development, we have accumulated lifetimes of research. It’s a vast array of topics, covering how the modern world presents increasing challenges to a healthy and productive way of life. But there was too much noise drowning out the signal. Too many gurus. Too many workshops. Too many unproven advisors competing for the eyes and ears of the leadership and, predictably, market share. And yet, the truth is a simple one — the study of corporate wellbeing is still in its infancy.

The Design

We designed The Standard to be the voice of reason and science in this growing world of junk data and empty promises. It challenged established trends because that’s how you deliver quality. It had expertly edited, researched, and curated monthly issues, because that’s how you ensure quality. It was built of lean and focused articles and editorial, because that’s how you articulate a clear and resonant message. No news. No gossip. No tickers. Whitepaper-level insights only.

The Challenge

The challenge in preaching our content’s gospel was to do it in a way that would reach the right minds. Engage those who’d truly benefit. But we’re allergic to the usual promotional methods, IE: social network spamming, where signal-to-noise ratio is laughable on the best of days. So... we needed to be precise. Purposeful. Decisive. Focused on our value proposition and our target audience.

The Gamble paid off

The gamble paid off. The Standard evolved into a wholly unique modern publication, with a smart and growing readership that kept coming back. They were keen for the latest content and proud to wave the Standard banner. Because we bore the right message, to the right people, at the right time... Because Habtic is what the world needs. Right now.