What Made Us Different Makes Us Great Together

Our Content team contains an assortment of experts with backgrounds that range from scholarly research to creative writing to practical. Watching them come together to build the content for Habtic is nothing short of magical.

Habtic content has gone through a lot. But, from the start, we knew it was never going to be easy. On the one hand, we had hard, cold-blooded science, and on the other, vibrant, engaging storytelling. We tried to slap them together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We tried to put one on top of the other like a layered cake. We tried to blend them like a science and stories smoothie. But all along, we knew this union would have to work. It had to.

The good news is that we managed to put a team together that is able to collaborate with one another in spite of their sometimes vastly different backgrounds.

Take Nadia, for example, who has an academic background in biomedical sciences and public health. “As the Content Production Lead, [my background] helps me to understand the research and how it shapes our work at Habtic. When looking at our content in all stages, I can do it through a scientific lens, which allows me to be critical and provide feedback.”

From whichever side you look at it, public health or biomedicine, they are a winning combination for her work at Dephion.

“Many recommendations that are given to the population as part of public health policies, originate from discoveries made in the biomedical field.”

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Rena worked for a decade in academic settings as a doctoral, and then post-doctoral, researcher. “My expertise in experimental design, my critical thinking, and my experience as a reviewer for academic journals allow me to be selective in the literature I read when creating content for Habtic, and to be critical when I peer review.

“My expertise in health, learning, and cognitive psychology allows me to create content that matters in the field of mental health. My background in teaching, mentoring, and academic publishing allows me to give peer feedback in a constructive manner.”

With all that in her CV, you would think that Rena would always sound like she just walked straight out of a research paper. Fortunately for us, she’s also an excellent communicator. “My experience in presenting scientific findings to different audiences allows me to communicate research findings to my colleagues, but also to users through my writing.”

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Next, we are also lucky enough to have Louise, whose career began in medicine. “I’m here with the goal to help people to improve their quality of life. We can help people have a better life, not just longer, but better by improving their lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is key, or in medical words, it is the “medicine” to prevent or even treat so many diseases. With this thought, we base the content on evidence-based solutions. Lifestyle medicine also guides a few content directions. And finally, my number one rule is: do no harm. Side effects are taken seriously, and we want our users to be as safe as possible.”

Leave it up to a doctor to think of everything!

Louise is able to use, and apply all the knowledge she acquired during med school and then practice to her work at Dephion. “As a physician, you have the patient on the other side of the table for a few minutes, you diagnose, give a prescription, and hope that the patient will follow it. Most of the prescriptions include lifestyle changes, like practicing more exercise, sleeping better, or taking care of your diet. In the [Habtic] conversations, I’m in the user's pocket to support the process, helping the users to build the bridge between what they want to do to improve their lives and how to do it to get to the final goal.”

Sounds like Louise is really, actually doing all the good she set out to do when she first chose her career.

Content image louise.jpg

Daan understands what is like to be out there in the field, trying to do your best to help anyone who walks in. “My background in physiotherapy brings me the experience of how people react to treatment and/or interventions focused on health or lifestyle. It shows how different people might be more or less open to them and the need for different approaches to address more people. Also, it brings practical knowledge of interventions: how they work, underlying physiology, and the multiple barriers that can come across while performing so. Especially, the working environment that I’ve had, made me a critical thinker, and a reader of lots of research. It also made me take a more critical look at so-deemed ‘truths’.”

And we’re not shy about taking advantage of his unique set of skills within the team. “Within the prescription of exercises, I do get asked for my opinion on what exercises to choose or if I want to do that specific part of the research. So, I am definitely involved in the conversational/ prescription aspect of movement within the narration.”

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Finally, Brittany brings a mix of practical knowledge and creative writing to the group. “I graduated from university in the United States with a degree in Global Communications and Creative Writing and have studied through various wellness training programs to become a certified personal trainer, yoga, Pilates, and barre instructor, as well as a fitness nutrition coach.”

Her broad experience in physical wellness, as a content creator, and as author of her own wellness book definitely makes her a perfect fit when it comes to crafting informative and engaging conversations for Habtic.

“I connect with readers, viewers, users, and clients at every age, stage, and size as I try to make the world a healthier place by helping people to understand how to take advantage of opportunities around them that impact both the health of the individual and the Earth.”

It wasn’t easy. The Content team can’t be just slapped, layered, or blended together. It is a full course made up of experienced, highly critical, brilliant, and creative minds that complement and elevate each other to build something even greater than the sum of its parts. And, if we might say so, they’re pretty damn great together.



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