With the perfect storm of creative vision, technical excellence, research and analysis, and a dream facility for concocting our unique brand of digital alchemy. The work needs to speak for itself. Loudly.


Corporate wellness is the topic of the day in every boardroom. It has long been on the minds of leaders who look ahead. It’s a growing field filled with workshops and hampered by lack of best practices and accountable metrics.

The Habtic Standard

The Habtic Standard is dedicated to becoming the singular, leading voice in the opportunistic jungle of corporate wellness. Monthly issues focused on meaningful topics deliver articles crafted to uncompromising quality.

The Cubic

We see our studio home as an ever-evolving real-world avatar for Dephion’s vision – the purest representation of our singular drive towards craftsmanship, exploration, connection, and greater wellbeing for all.

Dephion – the home of courageous exploration

Intrigued? Keen to contribute? Got the skills and vision to make a lasting impact on the future of personal and corporate health? Dephion – The Health and Wellbeing Group.